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  • Emotional meltdowns
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  • Anger
  • Difficulties with peers
  • Doesn’t listen


(These are composites, names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ confidentiality.)


“Joey,” age 8, behaved pretty well at school, but at home he was a tyrant. If he didn’t get his way, he could tantrum for hours, exhausting his parents, who felt like they’d tried everything. Their frustration threatened their marriage as they completely disagreed about the best way to discipline Joey, and his younger sister was beginning to mimic his defiant behavior.

Joey’s CFCG therapist helped his parents to find a middle ground: actually, they were both right! A behavioral program that was both strict and kind helped to turn Joey’s behavior around at home. Play therapy to improve Joey’s self esteem and a few months of parent coaching to help his parents change old habits helped to get this family back on course.

School refusal:

“Patty” and was excited about starting kindergarten. On the first day, though, she clung to Mom and threw a horrible tantrum. The teacher reported that she cried for most of the day…and for the next month both mom and teacher tried everything they could think of to make the transition to school easier, but it remained very difficult for everyone.

Patty’s CFCG therapist worked with Patty and her mom to gently uncover and address the reasons for Patty’s separation worries, and to put a behavior program in place that worked to allow Patty to happily say good-bye to mom and enjoy her day at school.

Symptoms of anxiety or depression:

“Kendra” had a very hard time trying anything new, or being alone at any time. She needed constant reassurance, and even then would cry and hold back when faced with any kind of challenge. She didn’t sleep well, was extremely picky about food, and complained of headaches and stomachaches for which her pediatrician couldn’t find any physical cause.

Kendra’s CFCG therapist saw her for play therapy for several months, helping her to work through her anxiety in a supportive setting, at her own pace. Her therapist also helped her parents to see how they could support her at home, and she slowly began to be more brave everywhere. Kendra was sad to say good-bye to her therapist, but simply didn’t have the time to come in for appointments because she was so actively involved in new and exciting after-school activities.



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