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Anger, the Misunderstood Emotion, Carol Tavris
(A very scholarly cross-cultural look at anger - entertaining and thought-provoking reading.)

Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel The Way You Feel, Candace B. Pert, Ph.d.
(She gets a little flaky when she wanders from her field, but she does do a wonderful job of describing the biochemistry of emotion.)

Why They Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist, Richard Rhodes
(Well-written, stunning book that goes beyond statistics to the actual life experiences of violent criminals. This book is a must-read, I think, for anyone concerned about the effects of television or daycare on violence in America.)

Building Self-Esteem Through Play:  Please Touch: How to Stimulate Your Child’s Creative Development Through Movement, Music, Art and Play, Susan Striker

Cultural Diversity:

Intercultural Press is the first place to look for a wide variety of books on different cultures. Their web site address is:

Barrio Boy, Ernesto Galarza, University of Notre Dame Press, Indiana, 1971.
I recommend this book for pre-teens. Lovely memoir.

Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference, Craig Sorti, Intercultural Press, Maine, 1994

Experiential Activities for Intercultural Learning, H. Ned Seelye, ed., Intercultural Press, Inc., Maine, 1996

The Peoples of North America series, Chelsea House Publishers, NY, 1988

Understanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners, Margaret K. (Omar) Nydell
Part of the InterAct Series which has similar guides for several different cultures, Intercultural Press, Maine, 1996

Valuing the Self: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures, Dorothy Lee, Waveland Press, Inc, Prospect Heights, Illinois, 1976

The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter, University of New Mexico Press, 1976


Positive Discipline A-Z, Jane Nelson
(all in this series are EXCELLENT)

Punished by Rewards, Alfie Kohn
(short on solutions, but long on evidence for the theory that you should use rewards to train pigeons, but not people)

Raising a Responsible Child, Don Dinkmeyer and Gary McKay

Transforming the Difficult Child, Howard Glasser, and Jennifer Easley
(Groundbreaking book on discipline techniques which work with the most challenging kids…well, actually they work with ALL kids, including the most challenging.)

Discipline in the Classroom:

Cooperative Discipline, Linda Albert
(Many specific examples from a master teacher.)

Safe, Kind & Clean Behavioral Education, Julie Jenkins Sathe
(Simple, clear guidelines for daycare and preschool discipline)


Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe, Gavin De Becker
You’ll be reassured and galvanized by this advise from a real expert. His book, The Gift of Fear, is also wonderful – a must-read for every woman.

Financial Values and Management (Tightwaddery):

The Instant Millionaire, Mark Fisher, a great graduation gift and a good short read on Tightwad values

The Tightwad Gazette, Vol. I, II, and III, Amy Dacyczyn, a little dated, now, but lots of good, practical information on running a tightwad household

Miserly Moms: Living on One Income in a Two Income Economy, Joni Stivers McCoy, to order send $5.50 to Miserly Moms, P.O. Box 32174, San Jose, CA 95152-2174

Household Management:

A Housekeeper is Cheaper than a Divorce: Why You Can Afford to Hire Help and How to Get It, Kathy Fitzgerald Sherman,

Is There Life After Housework?, Don Aslett, Writers Digest Books


Mothering Magazine, P.O. Box 1690, Santa Fe, NM 87504 (Barnes and Noble carries it)

Family First, Deloris Jordan (small, inspiration book by Michael Jordan’s mom)

Benjamin Franklin: The Autobiography and Other Writings, ed. L. Jesse Lemisch

My Monastery is a Minivan, Denise Roy (Beautifully-written essays about bringing spirituality into everyday life with children.)

Simple Abundance, Sarah ban Breathnach (lovely points about gratitude)

Job Definition:

Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession, Erma Bombeck (still funny after all these years!)

Sequencing, Arlene Rossen Cardozo

Being There: The Benefits of a Stay-at-Home Parent, Isabelle Fox

Mothers Who Think, Camille Peri and Kate Moses, eds.

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Imp Job in the World is Still the Least Valued, Ann Crittenden

The Three-Martini Playdate, Christie Mellor (I LOVE this book about bucking the culture and putting the motherhood job in perspective.)

The Mommy Brain, Katherine Ellison (Yes, Motherhood DOES make you SMARTER)

Parent/Child Communication:

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (the classic and still a good read)

Your school might want to consider ordering Faber and Mazlish’s self-help workshop on tape: “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen Group Workshop Kit” from Editorial Correspondents, Inc., C/O Suite 460, 230 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10109

When I Say No I Feel Guilty, Manuel Smith

I’m Okay, You’re Okay, Thomas Harris, M.D.
(Assertiveness training for grown-ups.)

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, Marshall B. Rosenberg
(When you read this for the first time, it’s hard to imagine actually talking this way…but when you do, it works!)


Nice Couples Do, and If It Feels Good, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

I’m not in the Mood: What Every Woman Should Know About Improving Her Libido, Judith Reichman, M.D.

Sibling Rivalry:

Siblings Without Rivalry, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

Loving Each One Best, Nancy Samalin

Welcoming Your Second Baby, Vicky Lansky

Mom, Jason’s Breathing on Me: The Solution to Sibling Bickering, Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.d.

Please note: the general message in all of these books is: don’t intervene. I disagree.

Time Management:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen R. Covey

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, Alan Lakein
 (the classic)

The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management: Proven Strategies for Increased Productivity and Inner Peace, Hyrum Smith

Stephanie Winston’s Best Organizing Tips: Quick, Simple Ways to Get Organized and Get On With Your Life, Stephanie Wilson

Stress Relief:

Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny: A Light-hearted Approach to Stress Management, Leigh Anne Jasheway

Relax—You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left, Loretta LaRoche

The Immune Power Personality: 7 Traits You Can Develop to Stay Healthy, Henry Dreher

Positive Thinking:

The Luck Factor: Changing Your Luck, Changing Your Life: The Four Essential Principles, Dr. Richard Wiseman (EVERYBODY should read this book!)

The Secret, DVD documentary (I recommend you watch this with a group of friends and talk about it)

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, John-Roger and Peter McWilliams

Aging With Grace, Paul Snowden (the Nun Study, really powerful research on what you can do to remain healthy and mentally fit into old age)


The Third Side, William Ury (Former title: Getting to Peace)

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Fisher and Ury

Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken

Adventures in Peacemaking, A Conflict Resolution Guide for Early Childhood Educators, William J. Kreider and Sandy Tsubokawa Whittall

Disarming the Playground, Rena Kornblum (be sure to get the 2nd Edition of this book, available at used bookstores and online, the 1st Edition has some problems)