Parents Night Out 2017

These FREE parenting classes are offered the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Time -- 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Location -- Chantel Building, 3880 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, upstairs conference room


July 25
Talk Less, Do More & Get More Sleep, with Marté J. Matthews, LMFT

These are three key elements to more effective parenting. Our therapists give this advice to nearly every parent we see to improve family life and child behavior. But really, why do we focus on these three things? How important are they really? And if I wanted to do them, where would I even begin? How about beginning by attending our free class this July?

September 26
When Everything is a Battle: Dealing with Oppositional and Defiant Behaviors, with Rachel Martin, Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern, Supervised by Marté J. Matthews, LMFT

Has just getting your child out of the house in the morning turned into a battle of epic proportions?  Are you spending every waking hour arguing with your teen to get even the simplest task done?  Find out how the experts recommend parenting a child or teen with oppositional and defiant behaviors.  Pave the way towards a peaceful home by attending this free evening seminar.​


Parent's Lunch Out - a midday series for parents

August 22 at noon, with Angela Dube, LMFT
Mindful Parenting: Being the Parents we Want to Be

We’ve all been there: the moment we’ve gotten so frustrated we said and did something we later regret. These things happen with our children, a spouse, or even another family member we love. We all have those moments where we just want our kids to do what we want, when we want, and how we want.  If they don't, we lose our cool. So how do we change this? Come to our free class to learn more about becoming the parent you want to be. Relevant for parents with younger or older children,  tweens and teens...or even a spouse.

October 24 at noon, with Angela Dube, LMFT
Building Emotional Intelligence 

As parents we all want our children to be happy. It can be quite upsetting if they’re not. Some of us blame ourselves for not raising a happier child. We worry that there is something wrong with our child. Surprisingly, children often need to be taught how to express and cope with their feelings in a healthy way. Come to our free parenting class to learn more about how to teach our children on how to express and cope with their feelings and ultimately be, well, happier. This program will be helpful for parents with younger or older children,  tweens and teens.