Our founder, Beth Proudfoot, has experience working with all phases of the divorce process as a mediator and as a coach.

Should we get a divorce?

A short, structured series of sessions can be very helpful for couples who have some ambivalence around this important decision.

Which process shall we use?

You have a choice on how you divorce, and your decision at this very early stage will make a dramatic difference in the duration, stress level, and cost, both financial and emotional, to the entire family.

  • With Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley (www.nocourt.org), Beth offers a “Divorce Options” course on the third Saturday of every month, which discusses each of the options in detail.
  • Many couples choose to visit use me as a coach when they separate, for help with how to talk with the kids about the separation, how to co-parent during the separation, and which process to choose for the divorce.

How shall we share parenting of the children?

For couples who have chosen mediation as a divorce process, Beth offers mediation of the parenting plan. This is only one piece of the puzzle, so I work closely with the mediator, usually an attorney, who is helping the couple to negotiate the rest.

How can I be more effective in my Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a more supported form of mediation. Each party has their own attorney PLUS each has their own “communications coach,” a mental health professional who has been specially trained to help parties to understand what they need and to communicate those needs effectively to the other party.  Instead of having one mediator, all of these professionals work together to support the parties to make intelligent choices.

Beth works as a Communications Coach and can also take the neutral role of Child Specialist in a Collaborative Divorce. The Child Specialist is a mental health professional with deep experience working with children who can help parents to understand the needs of the children throughout the process.

How can I deal with my stress, figure out what I’m going to do in the future, and protect my children from the worst dangers during the process?

Beth offers coaching for individual adults who are divorcing, to help with all of these issues.

Can you help me gain custody of my kids or prove that time with their other parent is harmful to them?

No. No one here at CFCG has expertise in Custody Evaluation. This is in part because we believe it should be the parents, not the court, who decide how to parent their children, and in part because we prefer to leave cases where it’s not possible for the parents to decide (because of mental illness, abuse, imbalance of power, or other issues) to the legal system to handle.

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Divorce Coaching