Our Director, Beth Proudfoot, and our other therapists, speak frequently for school and business groups throughout Northern California.  

Parenting Classes

Trailblazing Parenting

– A five-session course created and taught by Beth Proudfoot, LMFT. Each session stands on its own and can be presented separately:

  • Vision: Creating a Roadmap for Successful Parenting
  • Happiness: First, Adjust Your Own Oxygen Mask
  • Conflict: Stress, Anger, and Children
  • Discipline: Inspirational Leadership for 21st Century Kids
  • Resolution: Siblings Don’t Have to Be Rivals

Positive Discipline 

– A six-week course taught by Michael Donato, LMFT, a licensed Positive Discipline presenter

Other Topics for Parents of Kids 5 – 12yrs, 

– Taught by staff members Marte Matthews, LMFT,  and Caroline Raines, MFTi
Surviving a Tantrum – Smart ways to Turn Off the Tantrum Monster

  • Decreasing Entitlement, Increasing Empathy – How Do We Teach Our Children Our Values                    
  • Girly Cliques and Mean Chicks: Preparing Your Daughter for Friends and Bullies    
  • Common Myths About Gifted and Talented Youth
  • Healthy Relationships: Parenting Middle School Kids
  • Parenting Solutions for Perfectionism
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
  • Parenting Solutions for Power Struggles

Please also check out our Meetup group at www.meetup.com. (Join, then search for San Jose Parenting Class.)

To book a speaker, call Marte Matthews at (408) 351-1044, ext. 3.