In order to schedule your first meeting, please print and complete the PDF forms below. Yes, it's a hassle! way to do this in person right now, so we'll have to muddle through online.

1.  Intake form, either child or adult.  Both parents must sign to show their consent for care for any minor to participate in therapy at CFCG.

2.    Office Policies, signed by both parents.

3.    Child Information Questionnaire

4.    Telemedicine Informed Consent

5.    Health Questionnaire

A release form will only be necessary if the parents and therapist agree a consultation with another professional is appropriate.

You can choose the most convenient way to return forms to Marté Matthews: e-mail, fax, mail or drop them through the mail slot at our office. Your therapist will then call or email you to schedule your first meeting.

Questions? Marté is available by phone or email to help.