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Child & Family Counseling Group therapists are offering outdoor sessions, walk & talk therapy, and HIPAA compliant Zoom sessions. Some therapists are offering sessions in our office with full Covid precautions. Please talk with your CFCG therapist or with our Clinical Director about your family's needs and preferences.



Play Therapy for Kids 

Play therapy is a way of creating a healing environment which is:

  • Child-focused

  • Completely accepting

  • Predictable

  • Safe

  • Fun!

We have a variety of therapeutic games and art projects which we can initiate and play with children as part of either in-person or online relationship-building and therapy. Knowing the child’s history and using skills honed over years of study and experience, we meet the child where he or she is, and can "play through" issues that have led to anxiety, depression, or behavioral concerns. 

Individual "Talk" Therapy 

We offer individual counseling for tween, teens, and parents. Our therapists are trained in a variety of different treatment modalities, including specialized techniques like DBT and CBT, which we tailor to the needs of each individual. Most clients meet online for their therapy appointments weekly. The length of treatment varies tremendously from 6 weeks to 3 years for others, depending on what each client needs and wants.


Family Therapy

The most efficient way to resolve relationship issues within a family is often to have all of the players in the room or online with the therapist at the same time. Our therapists will often work with some or all family members individually, then bring them together to discuss important issues that involve the whole family. 

Parent Coaching


We're here to help and we can accommodate your timing now that we are all online. Many parents just need a few sessions of education and encouragement to turn around discipline problems with their children. Some parents prefer weekly or bi-weekly check-ins for regular coaching. Our therapists can make recommendations and help you decide what is most appropriate for your family and situation.

Family Dispute

Coparenting Counseling 

Divorce or separation is a major transition for a family and can be overwhelming, to say the least. For many it is a major trauma and families find themselves deep in grief. And yet, when there are children involved, parents still need to work together on some level for the sake of their children. Oftentimes parents need extra support to learn new skills in self-regulation, communicating, and problem-solving. Parents also benefit from learning how to best support their children through the divorce, every day challenges, and maintaining a warm connection to their children. 


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