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Parenting Post Pandemic by Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

These four videos are from a live online class offered in 2022.

1.       Class 1 - Creating a Vision for Your Family

Okay, it’s been scary out there! In this class, we’ll take a deep breath, step back, and think about the kinds of skills and values our children will need to survive and thrive in this rapidly changing world. And then, well, we’ll make big plans for the resources we’ll need to accomplish our goals for our children and for ourselves.

         Class 2 - Finding Happiness in a Stressful World

We are most effective as parents when we are calm, centered, and happy. How do we get there, though, when the bills are overdue, our throats are scratchy (but we were boosted!), we can't find our keys, etc? In this workshop, we cover everything from the latest psychological research on stress to ancient spiritual wisdom about happiness and come up with 7 exercises we and our kids can do to take care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits so that we can find that calm, centered and happy place...even in the midst of challenging times.  

           Class 3Managing Negative Feelings

We’re more likely to become angry with our children than anyone else in our lives…because we love them the most! And, we’re more likely to become angry in general right now…because it’s in the culture and in the air! In this workshop, parents will learn the relationship between stress and negative emotions, how to effectively handle their own negative feelings, and how to help children both express their own feelings appropriately and listen to others with empathy.


          Class 4 - Discipline

Evolution takes millions of years. Our children can’t wait. If they are going to survive and even flourish in this rapidly changing world, we are going to have to start using 21st Century leadership skills. Come to this workshop prepared to wrap your mind around some new ways of being with your children. This is definitely not your mother’s parenting class.

When Everything is a Battle by Inda Brink, LMFT

Class 1: Support & Priorities

Class 2: Building Happiness

Image by Xia Yang

A series of 3 videos to support parents dealing with oppositional and defiant behavior.


We have been collaborating with the Santa Clara Library to offer free parenting classes to the community. Archived Facebook Live videos can be found on the Santa Clara County Library's Facebook Page. 

  • Visit

  • Search for "Santa Clara County Library District - SCCLD" page

  • Search for: "When Everything is a Battle"

Class 3: Combating Negative Emotions

Class 4: Effective, Easy, Positive Discipline

Speakers Bureau 
Clapping Audience

Several of our therapists speak for school and business groups throughout Northern California and online. See below for some of the topics we offer.

Please also check out our Meetup group at Search for San Jose Parenting Class.

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