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Parenting Post-Pandemic

Okay! We're back to school in a completely different world. Our kids are getting COVID…which is scary, dramatically more challenging than other illnesses, and apparently everyone around us wants to figure out how we brought it on ourselves. We’re stressed to the max even when our kids are healthy. They’re stressed, too. Daycare is unreliable. Traffic is back to crazy. Ack!


In this class, we’ll take long step back. We’ll breathe. We’ll think about priorities. And we’ll come up with some solid solutions to build resilience, happiness, and calm in our families. Yes, you do have time. Come.



Tuesdays, noon-1:30, beginning September 20

Class 1: Support and Priorities - September 20 

Class 2: Building Happiness - September 27

Class 3: Combating Negative Emotions - October 4

Class 4: Effective, Easy, Positive Discipline - October 11

Class 5: Sibling Problem-Solving - October 18


Where: Zoom

Cost: Free




Beth Proudfoot, LMFT, has close to 40 years of experience helping young children and their families to thrive as a parenting coach and child therapist. She is co-author of "The Magic of Positive Parenting" audiobook and the International Bestseller, "Awakened Leaders: Empowering Stories of Self-Healing, Triumph, and Transformation." The founder of the Child & Family Counseling Group in San Jose, Beth is passionate about supporting parents throughout the community.

Class Archives

Parenting Post Pandemic by Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

Class 1: Support & Priorities

Class 2: Building Happiness

Class 3: Combating Negative Emotions

Class 4: Effective, Easy, Positive Discipline

When Everything is a Battle by Inda Brink, LMFT

Image by Xia Yang

A series of 3 videos to support parents dealing with oppositional and defiant behavior.


We have been collaborating with the Santa Clara Library to offer free parenting classes to the community. Archived Facebook Live videos can be found on the Santa Clara County Library's Facebook Page. 

  • Visit

  • Search for "Santa Clara County Library District - SCCLD" page

  • Search for: "When Everything is a Battle"

Speakers Bureau 
Clapping Audience

Several of our therapists speak for school and business groups throughout Northern California and online. See below for some of the topics we offer.

Please also check out our Meetup group at Search for San Jose Parenting Class.

To book a speaker, email Marté,

Parenting classes taught by Marté Matthews, LMFT

  • Common Myths About Gifted and Talented Youth

  • Gentle Discipline for the Preschool Child

  • What's the Big Deal About Food Allergies?

  • Sensible Screentime

  • Parenting the Gifted Child

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