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Child and Family Therapist, LMFT, AMFT, LCSW, APCC, Part-Time, (See Full Time Position below) San Jose, CA

(NOTE, this is NOT a Telehealth position, must be available for in-person appointments in San Jose)

It's all about balance!

We LOVE great parenting. We have created jobs which include the flexibility, structure, camaraderie and support that great parents...or caregivers for elderly parents...need. With this job, you have the freedom to create the balance you need to be BOTH a great therapist and a great leader in your family. 


  • Work with kids with no limits imposed on number of sessions

  • Flexible after-school schedule, from 6-16 clients/week, at the park or in our offices, some Telehealth meetings with older teens and parents

  • Motivated families who often take an active role in the therapy process

  • Supervision by an LMFT for associates, consultation for licensed therapists

  • Multicultural Silicon Valley population

  • Beautiful setting in peaceful building with fully-stocked playrooms

  • Congenial and diverse colleagues, consultation, and support

  • Meetings over Zoom include staff meetings, occasional trainings, and social justice discussion group

  • Opportunities for: leading therapy groups, teaching classes, taking leadership roles within the organization and in the therapy community

  • Easy to use Electronic Health Record system (Therapy Notes) handles scheduling, progress notes and billing

  • NO insurance paperwork, bookkeeping, self-employment taxes, marketing for clients

Qualifications: Must be licensed or associate (Masters level, 1800+hours) registered with the BBS and in good standing

  • Interested in working with children & adolescents, comfortable working collaboratively & supportively with parents as well

  • Training & experience with children in any of these modalities: play therapy, sand tray play therapy, expressive arts, CBT for children & teens, and/or other modalities such as EMDR, DBT, etc.

  • Not working in private practice or another group therapy practice currently

  • Must be available 2-3 days after school, and/or a weekend day for in-person meetings in San Jose


  • Competitive hourly wage for billable and non-billable hours. ($42K - $90K per year depending on hours worked and level of experience. This is based on $55-$65/billable hour for associates, $70 - $80/billable hour for licensed therapists.) 

  • Sick leave, worker’s compensation, group liability insurance, 401K, reimbursement for approved expenses including personal cell phone and some continuing education

Interested? Send your resume, including your LMFT license or AMFT number and a cover letter about your interest in working with children and families to: Marté Matthews:


Child and Family Therapist, Full-Time, San Jose, CA

Please see above job description for benefits. Only licensed therapists will be considered for full-time positions, which will include 25-30 hours of direct client services (allow 90 days to build to this level). Hours are somewhat flexible, but must  include weekdays from 3-7pm and/or some weekend days as we try to see most of our kids outside of school hours. Compensation will include competitive wage ($100K- $140K) and medical insurance. Opportunity for leadership position for the right candidate.