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Welcome to Child & Family Counseling Group!

We are here for your family.

At Child & Family Counseling Group we are practicing and supporting COVID-19 protocols.


Beth and Marté on Introducing Therapy to Children


  • We are finding that a lot of kids are benefitting more from in person therapy and we are doing what we can to safely meet these needs. We are offering in office sessions on a limited basis and outdoor sessions at a local park for many children. Virtual sessions are also available. We are following strict protocols to keep our staff and clients safe from Covid-19. 

  • Parent coaching is more important now than ever before as families are stressed to the max. Our clients appreciate not having to commute to get to our offices... and the tips and tricks we have up our sleeves to work together with parents to help kids to cooperate respectfully and manage their emotions during this challenging time. 


  • AND... we've been working hard to be more helpful to our clients and to the wider community... virtually.


We have staff members who speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese. And English. :-) We understand the immigrant experience and its effects on children, and we're here to help if we can. 


  • Beth Proudfoot's Trailblazing Parenting Class is available online on our Classes page. And her new adaptation of these classes called "Parenting During the Pandemic" is up on Facebook. Search for the Santa Clara County Public Library Facebook page, then click on Videos. 

  • We have several new blogs up, and more coming every day, about surviving and thriving with the kids at home. 


Take good care! Stay healthy! And feel free to call or email if you'd like to set up a session with any of us.

*(Please note: We are "out of network" for all insurance plans. This may mean that you are not covered for Telehealth. Please check with your insurance company about "out of network mental health" coverage for Teleheath.)

Marté Matthews, LMFT, MFC Clinical Director and Beth Proudfoot, LMFT, Founder, Child & Family Counseling Group, Inc..

Success Stories


These are composites of success stories, the names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ confidentiality:

  • Misbehavior

  • Perfectionism

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • Trauma



We offer the following Services:

  • Play Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Parent Coaching

  • Coparenting Counseling

  • Divorce Coaching

Online Classes

Educating the community is a passion for all of us here at Child & Family Counseling Group, Inc. Visit our classes page to see our Archived videos and upcoming classes in the community.


Our Most Recent Blogs:

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide exemplary coaching and psychotherapy to our young clients and their families, and to reach out to the community at large on how to support children to reach their highest and happiest potential."

Contact Us

Child & Family Counseling Group, Inc.

3880 S Bascom Ave, Suite 115

San Jose, CA 95124

(408) 351-1044 

Please note:  We are out of network for ALL insurance plans. 


Please be aware that all electronic communications, including contacting us through this form, are subject to violations to your privacy. For more confidential communication, please call us.

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