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Great Dads DO Know How to Ask For Directions!

Dad, we know you have a lot on your plate. You’re either working full-time supporting your family (which is a big responsibility) or you’re staying at home with the kids (which is a job that gets very little respect) or you and Mom are juggling work, daycare, school and sports (which is exhausting).

Here at the Child & Family Counseling Group, we’ve gotten to know a lot of great dads. When you have a tough kid, a kid with physical, learning, emotional or behavioral challenges, we have seen you step up. It definitely takes a village to help these kids: great parents, great grandparents, great doctors, teachers, tutors, and sometimes therapists. What we’ve seen in great dads is that you step up, find the right team for your child and ask for help. You’ve had some great coaches and mentors in your life, and you know that when they give some advice you should listen and, no matter how challenging, you should do your best to make the kinds of changes that will make a difference.

This Father’s Day, we just want to say that we have only admiration and respect for the great dads who continue to show up, ask for help and…follow directions. Underneath all of that, we know, is profound love and protectiveness for your children, which touches our hearts every time.

Happy Father’s Day!

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