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COVID-19 Office Updates

With the news changing daily about the Covid-19 outbreak, the staff of Child & Family Counseling Group wants to share with you what we are doing for the families receiving care here, and for prospective client families. We are aware that all of our schools are closed, and families are now at home all day every day. We want to provide our services to the families who need them, now more than ever. Mental health counselors and those traveling to and from counseling appointments are exempt from the "shelter in place" policy. To read the entire public health department announcement, please click here. We will consider every family one at a time, weighing the pros and cons of child sessions or parenting meetings held in-person or by teleconferencing. We understand that some families will wish to take a week or so to get your bearings due to the abrupt and changing news. Your CFCG counselor is available by phone or email in the meantime. Based upon statements by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 17, schools are likely closed for many more weeks than we initially thought. This is likely to be much more of a "marathon" than a "sprint" as families continue to "shelter in place." To ensure the safety and health of all members of our community we will take all precautions for any families who do come to our center. Some of the precautions we are taking:

We are sharply limiting the number of families in our office at the same time, and on the same day. Your usual appointment time may not be available. Please contact your counselor to discuss scheduling.

As per our policy at all other times, if a member of your household has any signs of contagious illness, please call and cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

Any staff member with any signs of illness will cancel in-person sessions. As an employer we do offer sick leave pay.

Here at our office everyone will wash their hands with soap and water before & after session, and before & after being in the waiting room.

Staff are spraying "high touch" surfaces, door handles and light switches with antiseptics daily, more often when appropriate. We have tissues to prevent touching surfaces. and hand-sanitizer gel available as a back up.

We will maintain "social distancing" as much as is practical in sessions.

Some of our staff have decided not to return to the office during the outbreak, and we are supporting them in that decision. These staff will be available by video teleconferencing. This week, March 16-20, we are making teleconferencing training available to all of our staff. For more information and helpful articles on a variety of topics of interest to parents, please visit our parenting blog. If you are already a current client, please contact your CFCG counselor directly about scheduling sessions.

If you have any questions about becoming a new client, please send a message through our website or call (408) 351-1044 and leave a voicemail. We will return calls and emails Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm.

Thank you.

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