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Happiness is FREE!

by Beth Proudfoot, LMFT

Need happiness? We're all experiencing the fall-out from the Pandemic, not only the grief about all of our losses, but serious anxiety about the future...and the present. In this second class of the Parenting Post-Pandemic series, we'll dive into how to exercise our Happiness Muscles in order to be the calm, centered parents we all strive to be. AND, because our kids' happiness is our #1 concern, we'll share how kids can build resilience and contentment, too!

Yes, you can watch the recording if you can't make the live class. AND...the live class is better. And, sponsored by the Santa Clara County Public Library, so it's free to parents.

Tuesday, September 27, noon- 1:30pm

To watch a recording of the first class go to our classes page.

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